Microsoft Excel – Intermediate

Duration: 2 days (8am to 4pm)
Training dates: May 9 & 10, 2018
Cost: $375.00 +HST
Cost includes course material, college certificate, breakfast and lunch vouchers
Location: Timmins Campus

Creating and managing a workbook with formulae and charts.

• Conditional formatting
• Applying, creating and managing rule sets
• Working with and managing slicers
• Enabling and creating a power view
• Adding and removing fields
• Filtering and sorting data
• Refreshing data
• Choosing a visualization
• Setting display options
• Installing Inquire
• Generating a workbook analysis report
• Viewing Workbook and Worksheet relationships
• Comparing two workbooks
• Working with tables
• Working with Records and fields
• Using Excel as a database
• Custom Autofill lists
• Using and managing Comments
• Tracking changes
• Linking, consolidating and combining data

The program is broken into 12 separate modules with hands on practice exercises in each module.

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