Guiding Circles

An Aboriginal Career Planning Workshop: (5 Days)

Program Overview
This 5 day career planning workshop will incorporate the Guiding Circles workbooks.

Guiding Circles is an interactive, flexible, and fun holistic career development program designed to guide individuals toward career paths. The workbooks combine a traditional Aboriginal worldview with contemporary career development concepts to help you achieve career satisfaction, break down cultural barriers, and better understand Aboriginal workforce challenges.

Educators, career development practitioners and human resource managers find that Guiding Circles awakens the individual’s sense of self-esteem and self-awareness to uncover personal talents transferable to a future career.

This happens through activities that help them tell their story and relate life experiences to career planning. Youth and adults can become engaged in school or life-long learning as they discover their potential career options and see the relevance of education to job opportunities. The ‘rings of influence’ delivered through the series gives individuals hope for a rewarding career. Career/Life Planning is a lifelong journey-not a final destination.

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