Joint Health and Safety

Joint Health and Safety Part 1

Basic Certification (3 Day Workshop)
Cost: $815+HST

Location: Timmins Campus
Dates: February 4-6, 2019 | May 6-8, 2019
Time: 8 am – 4 pm

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Part One training is generic to all workplaces that require both employer and worker certified members, regardless of workplace sector. Upon completion of Part One training, learners will be able to:

• Describe the certification process and explain the role of the certified member
• Describe the importance of occupational health and safety and outline the roles of each of the workplace parties
• Identify occupational health and safety legislation, demonstrate how to access information from it, and explain the basic rights, responsibilities, and training requirements
• Describe the purpose, legal requirements for, and rights, duties, and function of JHSCs and describe how a functioning JHSC works
• Describe the rights, duties and responsibilities of JHSC members and certified members
• Describe the categories of hazards and the basic process of recognizing, assessing, and controlling hazards, and evaluating the hazard controls
• Explain hazard recognition and the process for workplace inspections and identify the legal requirements
• Explain the purpose of and describe basic methods for doing a hazard assessment
• Explain the purpose of, and describe basic methods of, hazard control
• Explain the purpose of the evaluation of hazard controls
• Practice hazard recognition, assessment, and control, and evaluation of the hazard controls
• State the requirements for, and describe the processes for, reporting and investigating fatalities, critical injuries, work refusals, and complaints of dangerous circumstances
• Review and understand the legislative requirements for access to occupational health and safety information and demonstrate how to access typical sources of occupational health and safety information

Joint Health and Safety Part 2

Workplace Specific Hazards Certification – All Sectors (2 Day Workshop)
Cost: $640+HST

Location: Timmins Campus
Time: 8am – 4 pm
Dates: February 7-8, 2019 | May 9-10, 2019

Upon completion of Part Two training, learners will be able to:
• Describe key concepts of Part One training including the process of how to recognize, assess and control hazards, and evaluate the hazard controls
• Apply recognition, assessment, control, and evaluation principles to each of the workplace hazard(s) selected for the training program
• Create a draft action plan and recommendations for the employer on at least one hazard

Module 1: Slips, trips and same level falls hazards
Module 2: Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) hazards
Module 3: Ladder hazards
Module 4: Machine and Equipment guarding hazards
Module 5: Chemical hazards
Module 6: Workplace harassment and violence hazards

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Tel: 705.235.3211 x. 2270