Microsoft Outlook

May 2 & 3 (8am to 4 pm)


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This introductory course will include the following:

• Introduction to E-mail
• Start and quit Outlook
• Navigate the Outlook Ribbon tabs and group pane
• Personalize the Outlook window
• Create a contact in address book
• Create and send an email to one or more recipients, open, read, reply to or forward email
• Proper email etiquette
• Save a draft, re-open draft, continue composing email from draft
• Insert a picture and format it
• Attach a file to an email, Open and save a received attachment then remove it from the email
• Create a new folder, move messages to other folders
• Search emails using “Search Folders” and “Quick Search”
• View calendar by day, week and month
• Create, edit and set reminders of appointments or Important dates
• Make calendar events recurring, Send an invitation using calendar and delete calendar entries
• Create a task in the “To Do” list, send it to others via email, “File” tab
• Backstage view – a quick look at managing Rules and adding a signature

This course requires a minimum number of participants. Please contact us should you wish to set up a training date or would like to request further information.

For more information, please contact 705-235-3211 ext. 2202 or