Diamond Driller Assistant Common Core
Northern College has developed this modular training program to cover the basic knowledge and skills required to work competently as a helper to a Surface Diamond Drill Operator. The Diamond Driller Assistant Common Core Program is designed to cover the following areas of competency required in the Government Certification Program #P770200.

Occupational Health and Safety – Law and Compliance
Learn how health and safety law and compliance applies to the duties of employers, supervisors and employees, how to establish a Due Diligence Program, and how to enforce it.

Underground Hard Rock Miner Common Core
Northern Training Division has partnered with Tahoe Canada to offer the new Underground Hard Rock Miner Common Core program.

Surface Miner Common Core Program (770210)
This program covers the 3 mandatory common core modules required for anyone wanting to work in a surface mine environment

Generic First Line Supervisor Common Core (770141)
The Common Core for Generic First Line Supervisor Program #770141 is intended for supervisors directly employed by the mine or diamond drilling company who supervise workers in surface mining operations; surface and underground diamond drilling operations and surface and underground electrical and mechanical trades.

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