Ontario Fire College Courses

Northern College is a designated Regional Training Center with the Ontario Fire College.

NFPA 1002 Apparatus Equipped with a Fire Pump – September 26-27 2020
The Apparatus Equipped with a Fire Pump course meets the knowledge and Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) established by the NFPA 1002 Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver – Operator Professional Qualifications Chapter 5, 2017 Edition. It offers a mix of classroom-based sessions, online self-directed learning, as well as practicums. Upon successful completion of this course, each student will understand and be able to demonstrate the operation of a fire department pumper from both a static and pressurized source of water. Provincial testing through Academic Standards and Evaluation with the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management will be available at the conclusion of the course for students wishing to receive certification.

Prerequisites: valid DZ Licence.

NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I – May 23-24 & 29-31, 2020
This course provides students with timely information that aids in their daily performance as a fire officer. Topics covered include fire officer roles and responsibilities, including the following subjects: Administration, Accountability, Cultural Diversity, Health and Safety, Human Resource Management, Public Relations, Functional Leadership, Incident Command, Inspection and Investigation, Budgeting Process, Basic Strategic Planning, and Basic Strategy and Tactics. Fire Officer 1 is intended for the front line officers with a supervisory role.

Prerequisite: NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter II or NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter II Recruit

Blended Delivery: Classroom and online, self-directed
Cost: $350+HST (RTC Fee) – includes lunch

NFPA 1041 Fire Instructor I – April 27-May 1, 2020
This course prepares students to deliver training sessions effectively from a prepared lesson plan by analyzing and applying principles of adult education, assessing learner needs, planning lessons, and conducting evaluations. Particular emphasis is placed on the application of adult education principles in learning situations that involve fire department personnel, external agencies, and the public.

In-Class Session: 5 days
Cost: $400+HST (RTC Fee) – includes lunch

NFPA 1521 Incident Safety Officer – October 23-25, 2020
This course meets the knowledge and skill requisites established by NFPA 1521: Standard for Fire Department Safety Officer Professional Qualifications, Chapter 5, 2015 Edition. This 3-day course examines the role of the incident safety officer (ISO) at any situation requiring an emergency response and will define their operation within the incident command system. The student will be able to evaluate and prioritize risks while using critical thinking to analyze and mitigate hazards. Students will learn to select the most appropriate control measure to ensure the effectiveness of emergency response and enhance firefighter safety. The program will cover the role of the safety officer including, safety, regulations and standards, and reading buildings, smoke, risk, hazardous energy, and firefighters. The course also examines triggers and traps, developing a systematic approach, and ISO responsibilities at structure fires, wildland fires, as well as technical and post-incident responsibilities. This training will allow the students to identify incident action options in a risk-based response. Supplemental scenario-based training will also allow students to apply what they have learned.

Prerequisite: NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I

Cost: $350+HST (RTC Fee) – includes lunch

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