Performance Management Skills for Supervisors and Managers

Duration 1 Day Course

Participants will learn:
a) The basics yet key components of performance management.
b) The performance management cycle and identify and explain the key stages of this cycle.
c) The difference between performance management and performance appraisals.
d) The purpose and strategies behind performance appraisals.
e) Different performance appraisal techniques that can be used by organizations.
f) How to plan and prioritize their time between A, B and C star performers.
g) How to identify the hidden, silent superstars on their team and tap into employee potential.
h) The root causes of poor performance (and acting swiftly in addressing them).

Learn best practices for ensuring the success of your initiatives

Participants will:
a) Gain a greater and more holistic understanding of performance management in order to develop skills and best practices that will encourage and welcome performance excellence.
b) Be capable of creating an environment where individuals and teams can thrive.
c) Enhance confidence and competence in managing overall performance that impacts the organization’s success in meeting corporate goals.

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