Unleash Your Signature Strengths

Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives
• Discover that the most successful people in our society focus on their strengths.
• Uncover their Signature Character Strengths!
• Discuss how to apply Strengths in different situations.
• Learn why they will grow the most in the areas where they are already the strongest.
• Experience Team-Building by learning and appreciating the Strengths of their co-workers!

Course Benefits
Participants will learn one of the major strategies of successful people; that they spend more time growing their strengths than fixing their weaknesses. Participants will be guided through finding their own Signature Strengths.

This by itself is a valuable experience! However, the presenter will dive even deeper, helping the participants apply their Signature Strengths to specific situations in their workplaces. Finally, by learning the Signature Strengths of their co-workers, employees will find a greater appreciation of their teammates. Participants will find greater success and fulfillment at work.

For more information, please contact:training@northern.on.ca