Surface Miner Common Core – Generic First Line Supervisor Program (770141)

Duration 3 Days

Possession of a certificate in Surface Miner Common Core (#770210) is mandatory to enroll in this program.

Program Overview
This program covers the 7 mandatory Common Core modules required for the Generic First Line Supervisor registration and certification as they relate to Surface Mining, Underground Diamond Drilling Operations, and Surface Underground Mining. The modules include:

  • Follow Safety Program (U6300)
  • Prepare for Emergencies (U6301)
  • Follow Health/Hygiene Guidelines (U6302)
  • Practice Effective Communication (U6303)
  • Manage Work Area Activities (U6304)
  • Manage Employees (U6305)
  • Assess/Control/Apply Ventilation Systems (U6306)

An in-depth analysis and discussion of these modules will be conducted.

Cost: $750.00+HST

Contact Information

Timmins Campus
Tel: 705-235-3211 ext. 2133 | Fax: 705-235-6853