Underground Hard Rock Miner Common Core

Program Status: Not Available

Northern Training Division partnered with Tahoe Canada to offer the Underground Hard Rock Miner Common Core program through the Northern School of Hard Rock Mining. Participants enrolled completed a modular training program designed to ensure that all of the core competencies identified in the MTCU (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities) Modular Training Standards for Underground Hard Rock Miner Common Core are completed.

Program Objectives

Northern College developed this modular training program to cover the basic knowledge and skills required to work competently as an Underground Hard Rock Miner. The Underground Hard Rock Miner Common Core Program is designed to cover the following areas of competency required in the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Certification Program 770010. This program is not currently available.

U0000 – Follow Surface and Underground Induction Procedures
U0001 – Perform General Inspections
U0002 – Scale Loose Rock
U0003 – Set up Wooden Staging
U0004 – Drill Rock
U0005 – Rock Bolt Ground
U0006 – Blast Rock
U0010 – Muck with Load Haul Dump Machine
U0011 – Extend Services
U0012 – Perform General Lock Out and Tag on Prime Movers and Other Related Equipment

Upon completion of the core modules, there may be opportunity to be trained in up to two additional modules including:
U0024 – Operate Utility Vehicle, and/or U0079 Operate Conveyor
U0003b – Set up Mechanical Staging