Microsoft Word 2010 – Advanced

Program Length: 2 Days

Program Overview
Creating a worksheet with formulas and charts:

• Use the Drawing toolbar to create auto shapes
• Use Word Art
• Understand the merge process
• Use the Mail Merge task pane and the Mail Merge toolbar
• Create and edit a data source
• Insert and edit merge fields in a main document
• Use an IF field in a main document
• Merge and print form letters
• Sort data records
• Address and print mailing labels and envelopes
• Merge all data records to a directory
• Modify table properties
• Insert a symbol into a document
• Format a document into multiple columns
• Use a character as a drop cap
• Insert a column break
• Insert and format a text box
• Use Paste Special command to link items in a document
• Balance columns
• Insert and format a diagram
• Add a page border

There will be hands-on practice exercises in class. This will help reinforce techniques taught by instructor. This course requires a minimum number of participants. Please contact us should you wish to set up a training date or would like to request further information.

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