Microsoft Word 2010 – Introduction

Program Overview
• Creating and Editing a Word Document
• Describe the Word window
• Enter text in a document
• Check spelling as you type
• Save a document
• Format text and paragraphs
• Bullet and number a list
• Undo and redo commands or actions
• Insert clip art in a document
• Use Word’s Help
• Change margin and line spacing in a document
• Double-Space document
• Use Header and Footers in a document
• Add page numbers to a document
• Modify paragraph indentation
• Use AutoCorrect
• Use Footnotes
• Create hyperlinks
• Insert a manual page break
• Sort selected paragraphs
• Find and replace text
• Use Synonym option
• Set and use tab stops
• Create and insert an AutoText entry
• There will be hands-on practice exercises in class. This will help reinforce techniques taught by the instructor.

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