Achieve and Maintain Work/Life Balance

Work-life balance is very unique to each and every one of us; what it means to one may mean something else to another. It all has to do with what our life is in any given moment of time found on our respective life journeys. Nonetheless, balancing your work and life is imperative for maintaining overall good health, and to allow each and everyone of us to increase our productivity and satisfaction with both. Time to take control and accountability of your life and stop letting external factors decide the course for you! This session teaches you the skills to live a healthy balance between work and your life outside of work. You will learn how to manage your time better, focus on prioritizing tasks, setting accurate, relevant, and achievable goals, and communicate better at work and at home.

Delivery: Online

Learning Objectives

  • Define ‘work/life’ balance and how it applies to participants.
  • Learn how to create important time just for you.
  • Discover how to prioritize incorporating work/life balance strategies.
  • Acquire the time to get high-priority and high-value action items done.
  • Maintain work/life balance through effective daily and weekly planning.
  • Learn strategies to manage procrastination.
  • Making time to celebrate successes and rewards.
  • Learn how to reduce stress in oneself and others.

Course Benefits

  • Gain an awareness and appreciation of the use of your time.
  • Master the choice and change challenge.
  • Appreciate the relationship with stress and the role it plays in one’s life.
  • Be a role model for other colleagues when it comes to having work/life balance.
  • Enhance stability and happiness from areas that one can control.
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    April 15, 2021: 8:30am to 4pm

    Course: GV1070 Section: 280
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    Cost: $ 310.75 (Includes HST)

  • Learn Online and at Your Own Pace

    Course: GR9490 Section: 480
    Cost: $ 45.19 (Includes HST)


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