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Culture, Competence and Confidence: Indigenous Job Readiness Training

About this Training Program

Keepers of the Circle designed and delivers an evidence-based, culturally-rooted pre-employment literacy and essential skills training programs that links participants directly to jobs through industry and corporate partnerships. It is individualized and offers gender-specific training options for women and men as well as wrap-around supports such as childcare, transportation and in the case of women safe, onsite accommodation. The Culture, Confidence and Competence curriculum equips participants for success in the workplace through four specific learning components: Personal Development, Health and Wellness, Professional Development and Technical Skills Development. Please visit our Employment Training pages for more details or contact

Duration: 90 hours over 3 weeks
Intake Date(s): Ongoing intakes available


Delivery and Important Information

This program is designed to support Indigenous student success in discovering career paths that align with their values while developing the essential skills they need to navigate decision-making and problem-solving in workplace situations across multiple sectors.

Pathways to Success and Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program will be confident in their ability to achieve long term success, ready for the next step in their personal and professional career paths.

Program Partners
Keepers of the Circle

This course will be offered on-line, or as allowed with COVID-19 restrictions in-person  

Type of Course or Program
Certificate of Completion


  • Resident of Ontario
  • Indigenous ancestry or community affiliated
  • 16 years of age or older

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