Veterinary Technician

Program Title – Veterinary Technician

  • Credential Earned
    Ontario College Diploma

    Full Time

  • Program Length
    4 Semesters

    Program Status
    Fall 2022 – Closed

  • Tuition and Fees Second Career

Program Codes
NORT – H058 (HL) Haileybury Campus

Northern College is a certified member of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Our graduates are eligible to write the OAVT registration examination. A limited number of spots are available for graduates of Northern College’s Veterinary Assistant or Animal Grooming programs.

Our Veterinary Technician program is accredited by:

  • CVMA
  • OAVT Logo

  • cvo
Program Specific Information and Forms
Below are requirements or forms that have to be completed before the start of the semester or the date specified.
Requirements for Veterinary Technician (PDF, 224 Kb)

Bring Your Own Device
Northern College requires all students to have and use their own laptop computer. Course materials are posted online and many courses use online tests, or require students to submit their assignments online through the College’s Learning Management System.

  • Program Description
    This two-year diploma program is suited to students who are interested in working with animals. The program will provide them with the knowledge and animal handling skills required to be an integral team player within veterinary practices, research facilities, or other animal related industry.

    Students will learn to perform basic patient examination, collect data on vital signs, administer medications and prepare pharmaceuticals as prescribed by a veterinarian. They will explore anesthesia, animal nursing, surgical assistance, dental prophylactic procedures, diagnostic laboratory work and tests, such as blood chemistries, culture and sensitivity, and electrocardiograms. This program covers veterinary practice management skills including computer applications, recognizing behavioral signs of small animals and educating and counseling clients in the area of pet nutrition.

    Completing our program positions you well to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). You can learn more about what an RVT is and what RVTs do from the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technician’s website at

    Contact Information
    Kellie Broderick
    Program Assistant, School of Veterinary Sciences
    705-672-3376 ext. 8854

  • Important Information for Graduates
    A limited number of spots are available for graduates of Northern College’s Veterinary Assistant or Animal Grooming programs. Graduates of those programs that wish to apply to the Veterinary Technician / Technology program must have – in addition to the usual requirements for direct entry from high school – a 75 percent minimum average (3.0 GPA) upon graduation from Veterinary Assistant or Animal Grooming programs. Applicants will be assessed according to highest academic achievement in their program.

    Career Opportunities
    Graduates may find employment as veterinary technicians working with veterinary practices, in public or private zoos and animal shelters, or with federal and provincial governments. They may also work as sales representatives for veterinary companies, pet food stores, etc.
    Transfer Agreements
    Graduates may obtain advanced standing equal to ½ (Veterinary Technician) or 3/4 (Veterinary Technologist – Wildlife Rehabilitation) towards a Bachelors of General Studies (120 credit) degree.

    Download the complete Articulation Agreement list for Universities and Colleges (PDF, 113KB). You can also visit OnTransfer. This site provides information and resources to help students and potential students find their way through Ontario’s postsecondary system.