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Veterinary Technology - Wildlife Rehabilitation

Program codes are for September intakes except those that are indicated differently.

Program Information: 

Program TitleCredential Earned
Veterinary Technology - Wildlife RehabilitationOntario College Advanced Diploma
Program Length6 Semesters
Program StatusEntry Level 1 Closed with a waitlist for 2015 - * Still accepting applicants for year 3 (Semester 5 / Level 5)
Contact for more information.
Program CodesNORT – H134 (HL) Haileybury

Program Description: 

The Wildlife Rehabilitation program is the first of its kind in Ontario. The program is open to high school graduates, as well as graduates of a Veterinary Technician program.

This program will give students a solid foundation of scientific understanding, and wildlife rehabilitation technical skills gained through field experience. The first and second years are equivalent to the Veterinary Technician program. However, in the third year, students will receive wildlife training. Graduates will be able to explore a wide range of career opportunities in both the private and public sectors, including employment in natural resources, zoos, and wildlife parks, avian rehabilitation centers, natural bird sanctuaries, orphanage programs and any small or large animal veterinary clinic that receives injured wild animals. All graduates are encouraged to write the provincial Registered Veterinary Technicians examination. The graduates of the Veterinary Technology - Wildlife Rehabilitation program are considered to have met the pre-requisite exam requirements for rehabilitating rabies vector species. This means that if a graduate applies for a Wildlife Custodian Authorization, he or she will be exempted from the requirement to pass the Ontario Rabies Vector Species Exam. Graduates are not exempted from the requirement to apply for and hold a Wildlife Custodian Authorization in order to independently carry out wildlife rehabilitation in Ontario.

Career Opportunities: 

Graduates may find employment in private and public sectors, including natural resources, zoos, and wildlife parks, avian rehabilitation centers, natural bird sanctuaries and orphanage programs.

Admission Requirements: 

This program is oversubscribed and receives more than enough qualified applicants to fill the seats available. Applicants accepted into oversubscribed programs confirm their offer and pay their fees early to reserve a place in the program.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
Grade 12 English (C, U)
Grade 12 Math (C, U)
Grade 12 Chemistry (C, U)
Grade 11 Biology (C, U)
Minimum 60% GPA in all required pre-requisite courses
Or equivalent
Or mature student status (an applicant who does not have a high school diploma or equivalent, and will have reached the age of 19 years on or before the start of the program). Mature students must undergo academic testing prior to admission into a program. Call the Admissions Office at 705-235-7222 for more details.

Academic prerequisites for this program may be obtained free of charge through Academic Upgrading. Refer to the Post Secondary Preparation section in this calendar for more details.

Additional Admissions Requirements

  • Proficiency in word processing recommended.
  • Rabies vaccine series and titre prior to start of program (at student’s expense).
  • Some experience in a veterinary clinic or hospital is considered an asset.

A limited number of spots are available for graduates of Northern College’s Veterinary Assistant or Animal Grooming programs. Graduates of those programs that wish to apply to the Veterinary Technician program must have – in addition to the usual requirements for direct entry from high school -- a 70 percent minimum GPA upon graduation from Veterinary Assistant or Animal Grooming programs. Applicants will be assessed according to highest academic achievement in their program.

Program of Studies: 

Here is a link to course descriptions.

Semester 1
EV7003 Issues in Environmental Sustainability
VT1002 Clinical Calculations I
VA1001 Animal Behaviour
VA1032 Client Relations
VT1005 Laboratory Procedures and Techniques I
VT1013 Clinical Studies I
VT1015 Animal Anatomy and Physiology I
VT1123 Kennel Duty I
VT2032 Clinical Exercises I

Semester 2
VT1012 Animal Nutrition and Digestion
VT2002 Clinical Calculations II
VT2016 Laboratory Procedures and Techniques II
VT2033 Clinical Studies II
VT2053 Animal Anatomy and Physiology II
VT2083 Radiology I
VT2123 Kennel Duty II
VT3033 Veterinary Hospital Management
VT3073 Clinical Exercises II
VT4093 Veterinary Dentistry I

Semester 3
GN1011 Employment Preparation
VT1001 RVT Preparation I
VT2042 Management Technology
VT3004 Clinical Studies III
VT3011 Veterinary Technician Surgery and Dentistry
VT3013 Laboratory Procecures and Techniques III
VT3053 Surgical Exercises I
VT3063 Pharmaceutical Principles I
VT3083 Radiology II
VT3113 Laboratory Animal Studies
VT3123 Kennel Duty III
VT4003 Clinical Exercises III
VT4075 Large Animal Medicine

Semester 4
VT4000 Field Work Placement
VT4022 Exotic Animal Studies
VT4021 RVT Preparation II
VT4032 Introduction to Wildlife
VT4033 Surgical Exercises II
VT4063 Pharmaceutical Principles II
VT4083 Laboratory Procedures and Techniques IV
VT4103 Clinical Exercises IV
VT4113 Radiology III
VT4123 Veterinary Dentistry II
VT4133 Kennel Duty IV
VT4143 Clinical Studies IV

Semester 5
WR1003 Habitat and Its Relations to Wildlife
WR1013 Avian Studies
WR1023 Mammalian Studies
WR4013 Wildlife Care I
WR5001 Facility Operations
WR5012 Field Techniques
WR5032 Biosphere Orientation

Semester 6
WR1033 Wildlife Nutrition
WR2002 Legislation and Wildlife
WR2014 Physical Therapy and Flight Management
WR2024 Reptile and Amphibian Husbandry
WR2044 Laboratory Principles and Practice
WR2052 Rehabilitation Management
WR5014 Wildlife Care II
WR6072 Offences Against Wildlife
WR6032 Outreach Programming and Promotion

This program is oversubscribed. Please apply by February 1st.

Contact Information: 

Nancy Goudreault, RVT
Veterinary Sciences Coordinator
Tel: 705.672.3376 ext. 8841