Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services ensures that the academic environment is accessible whether you are onsite or online. Barriers to learning are identified and resources are offered to support learning. Do you have a disability that requires physical adaptations or learning accommodations? Students who learn differently or who have physical challenges are encouraged to contact the advisors in Accessibility Services to discuss their program of study and any accommodations required. Accessibility services are designed for students who may have restrictions resulting from a physical, sensory, or mental health disability.

Reach out for assistance if you live with:
  • Hearing impairments
  • Visual impairments
  • Mobility impairments
  • Learning differences/ADHD
  • Mental health problems (including anxiety and stress)
  • Medical conditions
Accommodations are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Accommodations may include:
  • Note-taking for lectures
  • Access to alternate format materials such as textbooks in electronic format
  • Access to a word processor with spell check, grammar, and thesaurus for the completion of the final copy of written work
  • Extended time for tests and exams
  • Tests and exams in a quiet place (outside the classroom)
  • Use of a calculator on tests and exams
  • Scribe and readers for tests and exams
  • Access to assistive technology during tests and exams
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