Accommodation and Human Rights Management

Program Title – Accommodation and Human Rights Management

Program Codes
B314W – Distance Learning

Program Description
The Accommodation and Human Rights Management (AHRM) Program is an Ontario College graduate certificate. The program prepares graduates to work in the fields of Accommodation, Human Rights, Disability Management, Return to Work, Advocacy or to continue their academic careers in a variety of fields including Social Science, Law or Human Resources. The courses focuses on topics such as Human Rights, Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution, Disability Management, and Advocacy. The placement component of this program provides students with the opportunity to work in teams to gain direct practice experience providing support within the organizations where they will be placed. Students can opt for a project-based assignment as an alternative capstone for the program, a project that challenges a real-world scenario in an organization or as an advocate for an individual.

Career Opportunities
Advocacy, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Critical thinking and Change Management skills in particular, are areas identified as being in strong demand. Graduates will have a unique opportunity to blend their background with the leadership and management outcomes AHRM. Upon graduation, student may find themselves working in one of these fields with Federal, Provincial, Local, Regional, First Nations, or Non-Profit organizations:

  • Accommodation Specialist
  • Manager of Employment Programs
  • Accommodation Equipment Consultant
  • Return to Work Advisor
  • Disability Management Advisor
  • Health/HR Policy Coordinator
  • Client Placement Coordinator

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