Alumni – Goals and Mission

Alumni Association Goals
To support Northern College’s goal of working with all our communities to ensure quality, accessible education through innovative programs, services and partnerships. In order to achieve this, we continue to:

  • Establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the College and the Northern College Alumni Association.
  • Promote community development initiatives that leave the College communities in a position to realize growth and success.
  • Complete community projects that build college and program affinity, relevancy and strength.
  • Contribute in any way possible to the growth, prestige and image of the College.
  • Promote the social and professional development of the alumni.
  • Develop and promote an understanding of the role and functions of the Council in the community, among students, faculty and staff of the College.

Alumni Association Mission

  • Continue to build momentum and connections.
  • Focus on recruitment, record updates as well as improved communications and activities that engage the alumni with the current student body, the college and our communities.
  • Refine and work our recurring roster of events: participation in graduations, community events etc. and plan for a greater number of events of common interest to our members and their families.
  • Continue to research and implement services for alumni members.
  • Achieve strong, individual chapters.