Board of Governors

Statement of Purpose
Northern College Board of Governors is responsible to govern effectively:

  • to ensure Northern College is successfully managed;
  • to achieve Northern College’s mission; and
  • to remain responsive to community need and emerging opportunity.

The Board of Governors is accountable to students, employees, employers, Indigenous Peoples and the communities Northern College serves. The Board of Governors is also accountable to the citizens of Ontario because the college is publicly funded.

Role of a Board Member
The Minister’s Binding Policy Directive describes the role of the Board of Governors as follows:

  • Establishing governance structures to enable the achievement of expected institutional outcomes with clear lines of communication and internal accountability.
  • Setting the college vision, strategic directions, and overall goals and outcomes within the context of the appropriate laws, government policy, and local need.
  • Hiring the CEO (i.e., president), delegating to the CEO accountability for the performance and operation of the college, and evaluating the CEO’s performance.
  • Approving the college’s annual business plan, budget, and annual report.
  • Assessing periodically the effectiveness of the Board with respect to governance, accountability, and the attainment of corporate goals and outcomes.
  • Ensuring that appropriate corrective action is taken where expected outcomes or quality of performance is not being achieved.