*Eligible programs for the $1000 Proud to be Northern Entrance Award:

2 and 3-year Diploma programs
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)
Pre-Service Firefighter
Mechanical Technician – Welding Fitter

This bursary is for Students who have confirmed and registered by April 12, 2021.

Bursary Information

• For domestic applicants only, enrolled Full Time.
• When paying, the $250 deposit is still required, student need pay their whole first semester, and then for second semester student need only pay the second semester fee minus the $1000.
• Will be applied to student account after Day 10 Second Semester.
• If student is deemed as Part-Time, or as Withdrawn formally (documentation completed) or informally (no attendance, no appropriate documentation or communication) any time during first semester or second semester, regular full fees are due; the entrance award is forfeited.
• Only one such award per person, a subsequent program enrolment does not qualify.

How Do I Pay?

Pay Online at Northern College - Easiest Method
Go to mynorthern.ca. Login with your username and password located on your Offer of Admission. Select MyAccount located on the left and start the process.

Pay at a Canadian Bank or Financial Institution
Payment made at your bank will take approximately 5 days to be send to Northern. These payments are available at the 5 major banks: CIBC, BMO, RBC, Scotia, and TD.