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TIMMINS, ON: The Ford government’s announcement of new investments through the Women’s Campus Safety Grant will help strengthen measures at Ontario institutions like Northern College to prevent sexual violence.

“Promoting safe campuses is and has always been top priority at Northern College,” said Dr. Fred Gibbons, the president and CEO of Northern College. “This additional Provincial support will enhance our education and training programs and improve the support for survivors of sexual violence.”

The announced funding came as the Ontario government released a summary report of a 2018 survey of college and university students who shared their experiences, attitudes and beliefs related to sexual violence. The survey is a central component in the ongoing effort to improve campus safety across the province.

The survey was created as part of the implementation of public policies on sexual violence which were adopted at every Ontario college in 2015.

The policies have been supported by a number of programs, including bystander intervention training, self-defence training, and programming designed to help people who have experienced sexual violence.

Although strengthening the sexual-violence programs and training implemented in Ontario college campuses is an ongoing effort, the survey results show there is more to do.

“To this end, Northern College will be establishing a Task Force comprised of staff, student leaders and sexual violence experts to review and make recommendations on the policies and supports in place with a view to strengthening our efforts in achieving these outcomes,” stated Gibbons.

Northern College will utilize these new provincial investments to create tangible change across all four of its campuses.

“As Ontario colleges like Northern continue to work on preventative measures, awareness and education, we regard any instance of sexual violence on our campuses is one too many,” stated Gibbons. “It is essential that Northern College not only promotes campuses that are free from sexual violence, but creates an open and safe environment committed to education, openness and societal betterment.”

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