Foundation Community Partners

The Northern College Foundation is your gateway to collaboration and partnerships that are meaningful, lasting and which have an impact.

Our team maintains focus on the needs of our communities and the learners of Northeastern Ontario. We achieve this through adhering to our mission of working with all of our communities to ensure quality, accessible education through innovative programs, services and partnerships. Becoming an innovator and partner of the Foundation is an invigorating and thoughtful way to invest in education, your success as a partner and in the future of our region.

A current partnership that exists includes building bridges between philanthropic agencies to reduce competition while making marked progress in serving our communities. Northern College is also teaming up with industry to ease critical skilled worker shortages through new ways of training, educating and upgrading the workforces of today and the employees of tomorrow. The Northern College Foundation is proud to be a transparent and effective steward of community investments.

Our Goals
Goals of increasing the availability of financial aid for students, assisting in the renewal of our facilities to provide first-rate educational experiences and supporting the development of service learning opportunities can all be achieved by joining our movement. Our team is flexible, accessible, and seeks strong partners who are passionate about meaningful collaboration and the opportunity that it presents for Northern Ontario.