Funding, Incentives & Programs for Graduates

As a graduate, there may be funding, incentives and other program specific opportunities for you. The following are external links and information that may apply, be of interest to you or someone you may know.

Tuition Support Program for Nurses

The Tuition Support Program for Nurses is part of the government’s commitment to provide more families with access to primary health care, and to support the recruitment and retention of nurses to rural and remote areas across the province. The Tuition Support Program for Nurses (TSPN) offers tuition reimbursement to recent nursing graduates from rural and remote communities who are new College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) registrants and who choose to do a return-of-service (ROS) in an eligible under serviced community. The program is open to nurse practitioner, registered nurse and registered practical nurse graduates who apply within one year of having graduated from a Canadian University or College. For more details, visit