Guidance Overview of Business Programs

Business Fundamentals
This is the common first year* business program leading into six of Northern College’s two and three year business programs in accounting, human resources management, marketing, and business general studies. You can enroll via September and January intakes at any of our campuses or via distance education, so that results in you being able to get started on the path to any of six* subsequent two- and three-year business programs in January as well. (*Law Clerk, Office Administration/Executive, and Business Administration – Information Systems programs have unique first years.)

Office Administration – General – One Year Certificate Program
This program draws on some courses from the Business Fundamentals program along with additional specialty courses and a 2 week placement to prepare you to become a confident, capable and efficient administrative assistant. Students proceed from here to employment, or to a second year to develop more in-depth skills and knowledge in the Office Administration – Executive program.

Business Accounting – Two Year Diploma Program
After completing Business Fundamentals, students deepen and broaden their knowledge of accounting, practicing accounting procedures using both manual and computerized accounting software programs. Proceed from here to employment or to the third year accounting program.

Business – General – Two Year Diploma Program
After completing Business Fundamentals, students expand their general business knowledge taking elective courses from a mixture of accounting, marketing, business and human resource management courses. Proceed from here to employment or to the third year Business Administration-General program.

Business – Marketing – Two Year Diploma Program
After completing Business Fundamentals, learn the processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Law Clerk – Two Year Diploma Program
This specialized two-year program (with unique first year) prepares you for a stimulating career in a law office or related environments, such as legal departments of government and industry. The comprehensive law clerk education now includes a 120 hour placement.

Office Administration – Executive Two Year Diploma Program
students extend their professional skills in office administration after completing Office Administration – General certificate, deepening their competency with 1 day/week placement in the second semester, and additional courses such as Medical and Legal Terminology, Desktop Publishing, Transcription, Databases, advanced document processing and more.

Graduate Certificate (One year duration; requires diploma, degree or equivalent experience to apply)
Financial Services Practitioner: become a sales and marketing professional in the rewarding financial services industry. Sophisticated curriculum developed in partnership with the industry is combined with a unique program delivery across Northern Ontario. Theory classes are delivered by distance to your home community, but students also take one 5 day course together at a central location each semester. You quickly become part of the industry via six-week-long, 3 day/week industry placements in or nearest to your home community in each of the two semesters.