Indigenous Programs & Services

Engage your spirit, heart, mind and body. Learning is a life-long journey and Northern College offers an open, trusting, and ever-expanding circle of relationships to experience and explore. Learning new skills in areas like health care, business, social and economic development, human services or technology and trades will add to your choices and help you walk your path in a balanced, holistic way. With wisdom, experience and ability, you can choose new opportunities for yourself, your family and your community.

At Northern, cultural spaces will inspire you and student support services are available to help you succeed. Here, you will have access to:

  • Student advisors
  • Peer tutoring
  • Free Academic Upgrading with financial support for childcare and travel
  • Traditional and cultural events, guest speakers, seminars and sharing and healing circles
  • Student lounges
  • Health services and fitness centres
  • Elders on Campus
  • Summer orientation
  • OSAP, bursaries and emergency loans

The Timmins Campus is home to a permanent tipi and traditional shaputuan. Each of our campuses also have canvas tipis. These structures provide a space for gathering, healing and sharing. At Northern College, Indigenous perspectives are incorporated into the curriculum.

Northern College is guided by our Indigenous Council on Education, Elders and community leaders to ensure programs, services and activities are connected to culture and tradition. Healing and sharing circles, workshops, Indigenous student assemblies, Indigenous Student Advisors and traditional events and activities are all part of the Northern experience.

Complement your world view and traditional practices with the skills a Northern College education can offer. We can help you develop a career path that allows you to achieve your dreams and give back to your community. Build upon your relationships with family, community and the land while expanding your knowledge and practical skills. Begin the journey of self-discovery and personal growth and gain the confidence to soar.

Northern College provides many different learning paths to match your needs. If you want to go places without leaving your community, we have many choices to help you study near and go far.

  • Our distance learning programs and courses allow you to choose when and where you will learn best
  • Many of our programs are offered in different communities, based on identified needs
  • Full and part-time programs are offered at our Moosonee Campus
  • Some of our programs may be available in Moose Factory