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Northern College’s mission is excelling in quality, accessible education through innovative programs, services and partnerships for the benefit of our northern communities. Our mission is to work with all of our communities to ensure quality, accessible education through innovative programs, services and partnerships. The Northern College Indigenous Council acts as a voice for the Indigenous community and a leader in ensuring that the education needs of the indigenous community are identified, addressed, evaluated, and assessed.

Strategy Statement

Northern College is pleased to announce that it has commenced the process of stakeholder engagement consultations that will greatly benefit and assist in the development of the College’s Indigenous Services and Initiatives Strategy. Northern College’s educational programs and services strive to provide a transformative experience, expand knowledge, nurture analytical thinking and inspire creativity and innovation. In developing its Indigenous Services and Initiatives Strategy, Northern College is aiming to close the educational gap that will benefit not only Indigenous graduates, but also their communities, Northern College, and the Province of Ontario as a whole.

Relationships with Indigenous Peoples and Communities
Indigenous Education Protocol
Indigenous Council Terms of Reference
Meeting Minutes
Strategic Plan

Territory Acknowledgement Policy #F-3

Indigenous Council on Education – Membership List

Lillian Trapper Chair
Dr. Audrey J. Penner College President and CEO
Joan Linklater Representing Mushkegowuk
Sharon Nate Representing Matawa
Julie Cyr Representing Wabun
Dorothy Larkman Open Seat
Melanie Verreault Open Seat
Laura Flood Open Seat
Kathy Cheechoo Open Seat
Ken Neegan Open Seat