Foundation – Information for Donors

When you contribute to scholarships and bursaries, you’re opening doors for students, many of whom couldn’t go to college without your support. You’re helping them realize their dreams and their potential. You’re helping students develop their skills, employability and leadership – while also helping create the next generation of educated citizens. It’s relatively easy to set up an award at Northern College and we’re happy to help you with the process.

What Bursaries Mean to Students
For students receiving performance‐based bursaries, it is a much welcomed and public recognition of their hard work and abilities culminating in academic achievement. For those receiving leadership-based bursaries, it’s recognition of their extra contribution to making a richer student experience, and fuller campus and community life. For students who have received bursaries based on need, our student life advisors and financial aid officers attest to the very real need in our student community.

Create Opportunity for Students
1. Determine the name of the award
2. Choose the type of award you would like to create
3. Decide how you would like to fund the award
4. Consider the award details, such as the value and duration, and the eligibility conditions
5. Have Northern College Foundation draft an award description for your approval
6. Begin supporting students