Applied Research

Business Improvement via Applied Research
Applied Research goes beyond theory to apply the latest knowledge, technologies and innovations toward a specific practical purpose. Applied Research can help Communities and Businesses solve all kinds of problems: everything from uncovering operational inefficiencies to conceptualizing new products and services.

Applied Research provides superior experiential learning opportunities for students, embraces collaborative partnerships with our industry and community stakeholders, and delivers (meaningful) real-world solutions that stimulate social and economic growth in our region and beyond. The Innovation Hub serves as a gateway or “One Stop Shop” for external partners seeking to work with the College on applied research and for internal employees seeking to utilize their research skills.

Types of Applied Research
Action – is a research project that aligns with the course curriculum. Companies have the opportunity to engage an entire class or a class team in solving a particular problem.
Capstone – is a multifaceted assignment, similar to a college thesis, which culminates in a final product, presentation, or performance. It provides an opportunity for students to engage with companies or organizations directly (usually in small student teams) to explore and solve a specific problem.
Independent – is normally characterized as a large project usually requiring external government funding. These projects can provide the maximum flexibility and opportunity for companies to invest in new ideas in a cost-effective way.

Phases required to complete an Applied Research Project
Engagement – initiate faculty, student and industry
Proposal – internal approvals, agreements and proposal writing
Execution – grant approved, project is underway
Closure – Reports, media release and commercialization

Project Application
If you are a Student, Faculty or Staff Member interested in being part of a project OR a Community or Business interested in research and development please contact