To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship we rise to the challenge using different pillars. The outcome will hopefully be a successful business and sustainable enterprise. Those considering starting their own business can speak with us to get direction and support. We work with a network of local, regional, provincial and now global partners who together can provide entrepreneurship education, market research, access to capital, and business advice and mentor ship.

Entrepreneurial Support at Northern College

Visit us at our awareness booth, follow us on social media, read our newsletter and most importantly come visit us to explore your entrepreneurial aspirations.  Starting your own business can be a viable option.

Attend one of our workshops, events or experiential activities to obtain tools and knowledge needed to stimulate creativity, ideation, product/service development, business modelling and customer validation.  One-on-one mentoring opportunities are also available.

Work with our mentors to develop your Business Model Canvas (BMC), delve into ideation (product development, prototyping, etc.), explore funding opportunities, receive market validation and seek exposure to various partners willing to assist in propelling your new business.We will prepare you as an entrepreneur to venture into the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem within the community and beyond.  We have a network of local partners that can help support and fund expansion of your new business (ex. commercialization) and assist through further mentorship along your path to success.

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Let us change the way you think about business models.