The Innovation Hub Team

Amy McKillip – Manager of Applied Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Amy is a leader in change and change management. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Amy has unique and distinctive competencies as a business improvement management professional. For over a decade, she has worked around the globe on various mining projects managing multi-million dollar budgets. Since working for Northern College, she has expanded her extensive research and project management experience.
Lisa Lamarche – Administrative and Learning Support – Lisa is a Northern College graduate with a Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting, as well as a background in Canadian Studies from Athabasca University. Her role with AREI as the Administrative & Learning Support Officer includes support for ministry reporting, financial monitoring, proposal submissions, and overall administrative and professional services.
Cassandra Lamarche – Industry Liaison Agent – Cassandra is a Northern College graduate with a Diploma in Business Administration – Accounting. Her role with the Innovation Hub, as the Industry Liaison Agent, is to oversee communication activities related to developing and maintaining relationships with industry partners, partnering colleges, partner organizations, as well as the general public.
Phil Barton – Technology Development and Adaptation Research Officer – Phil is an expert with technology, being proficient with computer-related products and software. His experience includes many years as an entrepreneur in technology, programming, ebusiness, and technical support. Phil excels at finding technology solutions for business problems.
Keith Delaurier – Technology Development and Adaptation Research Officer – Keith is a Canadore College graduate with a Diploma in Process Control Technology. He has 30 years’ experience with competencies in SCADA, software and database designs. His role as a Research Officer is to assist the Principal Investigator, usually a faculty member, with conducting research and collecting/disseminating data. He also works with research students to guide them and ensure the research environment is conducive to learning.