Policies, Forms and Project Reports

Applied Research Policies
All individuals who would like to complete a Research Project must read and comply with all Northern College policies that associated with the Applied Research Entrepreneurship and Innovation department.
AR-1 Responsible Conduct of Research
AR-2 Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans
AR-3 Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Animals
AR-4 Intellectual Property

Applied Research Forms
The applied research form to be completed will depend on the type of project that is desired.
Only one of the following forms should be used per project.
Research Involving Human Subjects
Applied Research Multi-Site REB-Form
Research Involving Animal Subjects
Applied Research ACC Form
Research NOT Involving Human or Animals
Research Application Form
Research Collaboration with Other Institution
Applied Research Partner Participation Form

Applied Research Project Final Reports
Measuring the Cost of Credit Transfer
Creating a Culture of Mobility_Needs of Small Institutions
Becoming the College of Choice for Indigenous Peoples
Value- Driven Expanding the Culture of Mobility
Employer Database Final Report
Employer Database Final Report FR