International – EVNs and SIN Cards

Electronic Verification Number (EVN)
An EVN is issued once Northern College can confirm that a student is eligible for an Off-Campus Work Permit. The EVN is required to complete the Off-Campus Work Permit application. Apply for an EVN through your MyCIC account (under “My Requests” on the profile page). A request will be sent to International Student Services (ISS) to verify your eligibility. Confirmation of eligibility will be received within 48 hours (if you are not eligible, you will receive an explanatory email). An EVN will be sent to you via a message in the My CIC message box.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Do I need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) card?
A SIN card is necessary to work in Canada as employers must ask to see the SIN card of all new employees upon hire. You may apply for a SIN card before you start working or up to three days after your start date. A SIN number is also required for taxation purposes. You can apply for your SIN card in person at any Service Canada location, and there is no charge for first-time applications. Your Social Insurance Number will be issued to you right away and your card should be received by mail within ten business days. If your SIN card is lost or stolen, you will be charged a $10 replacement fee.

What documents do I need to get a SIN card?
If you plan to work on-campus you will need to bring your passport, your Study Permit and a completed Employment Contract from Northern College printed on Northern College letterhead when you apply for your SIN card. If you plan to work off-campus you will need to provide your passport, your Work Permit, and a letter of employment from your employer.

Where do I get a SIN card?
International Students may apply for the SIN at their local Service Canada Centre. To locate the nearest Centre, call 1-800-O-CANADA (1-800-622-6232), or use Service Canada’s online locator.