Northern College Seeks Employer and Job-seeker Input in support of Workforce Development Programming

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TIMMINS, ON: Northern College is dedicated to connecting employers and potential employees through innovative training delivery and partnerships. Their efforts are part of their COVID-19 response, helping to build essential workforces with significant demand.

In order to best do so, the College is now seeking information, training partner interest, and input from the healthcare, mining, and forestry sectors. The feedback, to be captured through an online survey, will provide critical information about the sector’s employment trends and forecasted needs while also garnering interest and support from those who wish to be a part of a collaborative training partnership.

“It’s a very exciting time to come together to address labour market needs in a very tangible way,” says Christine Heavens, Executive Director of Community, Business Development and Employment Services at Northern College, of the call for input. “Our goal in developing these new training programs is to address labour force needs by helping to eliminate barriers to training and employment.”

The survey, launched from November 23 to December 9, will take a two-pronged approach to collecting much-needed data on the specifics around training and development of the workforce in Northeastern Ontario. One aspect of the research invites employers to provide input as well as letters of support that will help Northern College substantiate funding proposals that may help with the training and development of these essential workforces.

Another critical aspect of the outreach initiative is to collect information from those people seeking employment. That information will be collected through a separate survey that will capture details related to existing job-seeker education, interests, and training participation barriers.

“Northern College is looking to understand learners’ barriers to education and training so that plans can be made to reduce these obstacles,” stated Dr. Audrey J. Penner, President and CEO of the College, of the initiative. “The healthcare, forestry, and mining sectors are areas of the Northeastern Ontario economy that are in demand based upon initial labour market analysis, and a talent pipeline will certainly be needed,” she continued. “Sometimes the question is just as important as the answer, and we are looking for specifics on how to best support and serve the workforce needs of the region through listening to their needs,” she continued.

In addition to reaching individuals, Northern will be reaching out to public agencies for their assistance in completing this survey with their client base to hear from those that are having a hard time finding and keeping work. The data collected will help identify the potential labour force supply, another critical piece of information as it relates to program funding proposals.

“Partnering with and having the support of regional sector employers is essential,” stated Heavens of the listening tool. “With the pandemic, we recognize, now more than ever, that the world is changing at a rapid pace requiring Northern College to remain fluid and responsive, continually reinventing ourselves to respond to what is needed for the training and development of the workforce. Assessing those needs and responding accordingly is what will move the needle on being an accessible, responsive, and agile organization.”

The survey will be distributed via email as well as through social media and the Northern Training Division website.
All interested companies and job-seekers are encouraged to complete the respective surveys. To participate in these surveys, please links to the survey here:

For Employers
For Employees


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