About Austin Brown

Austin is a first-year Electrical Engineering Technician student at Northern’s Timmins Campus.

Q: Tell us your story! What led to you applying to Northern, and accepting an offer?

I heard that Northern College had a very well known Electrical program that prepares students well for the workforce. I also liked the idea that Northern College is close to home and has a friendly atmosphere.

Q: If you had an opportunity to speak to the donor (s), what would you say?

I would thank them very much for the scholarship, because it definitely helped to offset the cost of my tuition and books. It’s great to be recognized for your dedication to your education, and I feel that scholarships like these help to keep students in the north.

Q: What are your goals following graduation?

I’m planning on completing the two-year Electrical Engineering Technician program and then moving on to an electrical apprenticeship. One day, I hope to own my own business as an electrician.

Ideally, I’d like to stay in the north and contribute to the local economy. There is need for both residential and industrial electricians in the area, including in the mining industry. I would like to be able to offer my services locally, and reduce the need for short-term contractors from out of town.

Austin Brown
Electrical Engineering Technician