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Student Transfer to Business Diploma Program

McDonald’s and Ontario Colleges have partnered to offer educational opportunities for McDonald’s employees to pursue post-secondary education in Business programs at colleges throughout Ontario.

How does it work?
Northern College will grant recognition for first year business credit into our Business Diploma Program (or Business Administration Advanced Diploma Program) to McDonald’s Second Assistant Managers who have completed the Management Development Program Level 2 (MDP), with the following additional requirements to complete the diploma program:

1. Math Assessment
2. Business Communications (WRIT) Assessment
3. General Education Elective Course

Upon completion of McDonald’s Management Development Program Level 2 (MDP), successful applicants to Northern’s Business Diploma program can complete a 2-year Ontario College diploma in as little as 1-year! You can enroll via September and January intakes at any of our campuses or via distance learning.

Apply Today!

Step 1: Apply to Northern College on the Ontario College Application Service (ontariocolleges.ca) and apply to the Business Diploma (BUS1) program. On the program choice screen select Entry Level 3.

Step 2: Upon application being received, you will receive a letter requesting postsecondary transcripts and course outlines. At this time you will provide the following documents to the Registrar’s Office at Northern College:

  • McDonald’s Canada Training Verification form (signed by the applicant’s McDonald’s Regional Training Manager – training must be completed within three years of the application), and
  • any additional post-secondary transcripts you may have.

Please note: Northern College reserves the right to validate graduation from secondary school and original admission requirements.

Timmins Campus

Timmins Campus

Eligible Business Diploma Programs

Business – Two Year Diploma Program
Following on the common first year of Business Fundamentals, students expand their general business knowledge taking elective courses from a mixture of accounting, marketing, business and human resource management courses. Read full program description.

Business Administration –Three Year Advanced Diploma Program
Students expand and deepen their general business two year program knowledge through a third year of study, taking elective courses from a mixture of accounting, marketing, business and human resource management courses. The program ends with a 5 week placement. Read full program description.

For more information, please contact:
Rose-Marie Deacon
T: 705-235-2311 ext. 2114
E: deaconr@northern.on.ca