Northern College and Atlas Copco Solidify Partnership

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KIRKLAND LAKE, ON: Northern College is pleased to announce the signing of an enhanced memorandum of understanding with Atlas Copco. This MOU will enable Northern College to continue to provide high quality training to students and the mining exploration industry using state-of-the-art equipment.

Northern College and Atlas Copco have been partners since the signing of the first MOU in 2008. This updated MOU paves the way for increased applied research and product development opportunities between Northern College and Atlas Copco.

“The signing of this MOU signifies the strength of the college’s relationship with industry partners,” says Rose-Lyne D’Aoust-Messier, Training Consultant with Northern College. “Atlas Copco has helped Northern procure state-of-the-art equipment which closely replicates equipment students will use on the job, providing authentic hands-on skills and experience.”

Atlas Copco will have increased access to the drill site in order to perform product testing and employee training. In exchange, Atlas Copco will provide Northern College with drill site audits, equipment servicing, and deliver training to program coordinators and instructors. They will also provide a bursary to a graduating student of Northern’s Surface Diamond Driller Assistant Common Core program.

The drill site used for training and testing is located at the historical Toburn Mine. Presently there are over 20 Atlas Copco sales and technical personnel from various locations in the US, Canada and Sweden on the drill site.

Northern’s Surface Diamond Driller Assistant program is led by technical experts over 10 weeks. This practical program is now used as a model for other colleges. The training program is based on the modularized common core training standards and guidelines developed by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and Canadian Diamond Drilling Association (CDDA). As part of the program, students are also evaluated by an independent auditor to ensure they have met the government and industry training standards. Canadian Driller Training performs an objective student audit to ensure they graduate with the necessary knowledge and skills required.


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