Northern College Modifies Vision and Mission Statements to Reflect Growth and Opportunity

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TIMMINS, ON: Northern College has updated its vision and mission statements to reflect a broader sense of community. The enhanced vision statement: Success for all through learning and partnerships, and expanded mission statement: To ensure quality, accessible education through innovative programs, services and partnerships for the benefit of our northern communities, vary slightly from the previous statements; however, the subtle modifications integrate the changing world of education, including bilateral partnerships with overseas colleges and international recruitment opportunities.

Stemming from components of the strategic planning process, Northern College worked with Clear Logic Consulting Professionals to revitalize the existing diction to create a succinct message that spoke to the breadth of activities undertaken to achieve the College’s mission,” says Fred Gibbons, President of Northern College. “These small changes in wording reflect tremendous opportunity and are our way of affirming our commitment to education in the North, while welcoming international students and recognizing the importance of transnational relationships. We have expanded on our view of community in order to be inclusive of and competitive in the global community.”

Northern College has significant expertise in a number of postsecondary and specialized training programs that are currently in demand throughout Canada and overseas, and delivering these in new settings will also raise their credibility and recognition at home. External sources of revenue earned from national and international program delivery contribute towards greater investment in local College facilities, program and service enhancements that will benefit local students and northern communities.

Members of Northern College’s Board of Governors s agreed that adjusting the vision and mission statements to accommodate new growth and opportunity during the strategic planning process was most fitting.


Media Contact:

Pierrette Fortier, Executive Assistant
Office of the President, Northern College