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TIMMINS, ON (Wednesday, May 27, 2015) : Northern Training Division, in partnership with Industrial Training and Skills Development, announced today that it is now offering state-of-the-art vehicle simulator training at Northern College Timmins Campus. The college made the announcement today at the 20th Big Event – Canadian Mining Expo held in Timmins.

To facilitate this training, Industrial Training and Skills Development has generously provided the college with a vehicle simulator that will be housed at the Timmins Campus. The simulator will allow corporate clients to train their employees to use an extensive range of rubber-tire vehicles, including tractor-trailers, dump trucks, snowplows, emergency vehicles and everyday passenger vehicles.

Media Release- Northern Training Division Offers Simulator Training PicDarren Tegel, Manager of Industrial Training and Skills Development, and Fred Gibbons, President of Northern College

“Simulator training is a powerful workforce development tool that allows employers to provide high-quality hands-on training in the classroom, bypassing many of the logistical challenges typically associated with workforce training,” says Darren Tegel, Manager of Industrial Training and Skills Development. “We’re very excited to be working with Northern College to increase access to this important technology. It’s important to recognize that this simulator training is as relevant for advanced driver improvement as it is for newer drivers.”

Simulator training provides clients with significant cost savings as it allows employees to develop their skills in the classroom, without risk to personnel or equipment. It also reduces excess wear-and-tear on vehicles associated with inexperienced use, and reduces the need to take vehicles away from the jobsite for training purposes.

Employers will also be able to use the simulator to test a candidate’s driving skills prior to hiring.

“Simulator training has tremendous potential for changing how local employers develop their workforce, in a way that reduces cost and is safer for everyone involved,” says Christine Heavens, Executive Director, Community, Business Development and Employment Services at Northern College. “The services we now offer will be of benefit to any industry where vehicle use is part of daily operations. We’re very excited to be able to offer this technology in our region.”

For more information about how you can utilize Northern Training Division’s driving simulator for your workplace, contact Karen Hamel by phone at 705-235-3211 ext. 7213, or by email at


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