Northern College 2021 Annual Activity Report

Thinking of College updates in your area that took place over the past 12 months, between April 1, 2020 and March 30, 2021, please write about 5 sentences about something that was a new idea, or a new activity that enriched or improved your department, or the lives of our students. We are looking for news about your department, including partnerships, students, staff, partners, even annual events like convocation open house, parades, symposiums, guest speakers, mock disasters, new policies and procedures. Describe the following:

  • Who was involved and who helped
  • What happened or occurred
  • How did it unfold
  • Why was this decided on and relevant to being more efficient, strategic, expansive, progressive, adaptable, or improving or enriching learning/our College/students and/or staff experience
  • Where did this take place (campus and/or community-specific, if applicable)
  • When did it occur
  • What was the result/impact of this action

If you aren’t sure if something is important or relevant enough, include it anyway and let us decide on it in the editorial stage of the project. We are completely open to what you may share.

This is the general outline, format and length of what we are seeking: – sample for general information purposes only –

In (month) of (year), the (Department) of the College participated in a (name of event) in (name of community).  To do so, (staff) sent out/did (such and such) and then encouraged/recruited (staff/partners/community members) to become involved.  Over (so many) people were in attendance; at the event, (such and such) information was shared to (create further awareness about such and such) an issue).   Media also attended and conducted interviews with (so and so). Follow-up from (students/staff/community partners) was positive, and in this way, the College community (had a successful impact on the issue or activity).

Please note that not all items will be included in the annual report for purposes of length, but we thank you for submitting as many items as possible to help us share our successes.

Thank you for helping tell the Northern College story.  We’re proud to be Northern!