Numbers Are Up at Northern College’s Haileybury Campus

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HAILEYBURY, ON: Northern College is expecting a substantial increase in the number of first-year students attending the Haileybury Campus this year. The number of students who have confirmed their acceptance of an offer to study at the campus is up in all program areas, totaling a 31 per cent increase over last year.

Major sources of first-year confirmation growth are the programs found under the Haileybury School of Mines umbrella. The number of first-year confirmations in the Mining Engineering Technician program has increased dramatically, partially due to the fact that Northern College now offers the program through a partnership at Confederation College. A large increase in first-year confirmations also occurred in Haileybury School of Mines’ Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician program. Annual confirmation numbers in Haileybury School of Mines programs are expected to continue to rise, as demand for skilled workers increases due to the ongoing shortage of skilled workers throughout Canada.

First-year confirmations are also up in the campus’ Schools of Business and Office Administration, Community Services, Health Sciences and Veterinary Sciences. Confirmations in the Social Service Worker program have doubled compared to last year, and growth has occurred in the majority of the individual programs offered at the Haileybury Campus.

“An increase in enrolment at Northern College is positive for all of northeastern Ontario,” said Fred Gibbons, President of Northern College. “As the demand for skilled workers increases across the region, we will continue to produce graduates that meet those demands. Our position as a global leader in Mining education will result in enrolment increases as demand for skilled workers in this field continues to rise. We also expect further enrolment increases as we continue pursuing our goal of increasing access to post-secondary education across the region.”

The increased number of first-year confirmations at the Haileybury Campus is reflective of a broader Northern College trend. Compared to last year, the first-year student count is up 11 per cent at the Timmins Campus, and 24 per cent at the Kirkland Lake Campus. The number of first-year students at Northern’s Moosonee Campus has more than quadrupled over last year.


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