Programs and Certificates

Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes (CHSEP)
The Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes (CHSEP) is the product of extensive collaboration with OSHE professionals in the workplace. Professionals from across North America have participated in the program’s curriculum development process. This ensures that the range of skills and knowledge provided in the CHSEP program are effectively equipping today’s OSHE practitioners with the necessary and relevant competencies they require. Also, the curriculum is not limited to a particular jurisdiction’s legislative framework. Rather, it is a far-reaching collection of ‘best practices’ as identified by OSHE professionals from a wide range of jurisdictions and legislative backgrounds.

Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) Certificate Program
Developed and authorized by the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada, the Maintenance Management Professional certificate program consists of eight modules. The Modules are structured to progressively assist participants to understand and embrace a variety of different concepts which have proven very effective in delivering concrete results for organizations interested in improving the management of maintenance programs and physical assets.

Pumps & Pump Systems
This course was designed to bring students up to speed in their knowledge of centrifugal pumps and the systems that run them as quickly and efficiently as possible. It includes discussions on basic pump design, function and application, and was specifically created for anyone who is responsible for pump specification, installation and operating efficiency at their facility.

Red Seal Preparation Course
The Red Seal Preparation Course is geared to trades people who are eligible to write their Certificate of Qualification exam. The course reviews the theoretical knowledge of the trade using a variety of methods including multiple choice tests in order to prepare the individual to challenge the Red Seal Exam.