Branding Yourself

This is a 2 day workshop.

Learning Objectives

  • Importance of a Personal Brand
  • Your Brand Approach To Others
  • Looking at the Outside
  • Looking at the Inside
  • Setting Goals
  • Networking for Success
  • Communication Strategies
  • Building Your Credibility
  • Brand You
  • Living Your Brand
  • Managing Your Social Media Presence
  • Having Influence
  • Dealing with Challenging People
  • Presentations and Meetings

Course Benefits

  • Speak in terms of the impact and influence that they want to have in life and work
  • Understand their personal style in terms of their personal brand
  • Develop skill in areas like focus, concentration, and communication to support their brand
  • Build credibility and trust by living their brand
  • Take ownership of their image, both online and in person
  • Consider and define the influence that they can have on their life and work
  • Will learn skills for success and how to create those circumstances.

Target Audience: All Audience

For more information, contact or 705-235-3211 ext.2270