Conflict Resolution Strategies for Handling Difficult Behaviors During COVID-19

Course Delivery: Virtually via Zoom

Learning Objectives

  • learn the best ways to handle clients who refuse to follow health and safety policies, as they pertain to COVID 19
  • understand why people are difficult and/or get upset during this time of uncertainty
  • create practical solutions for dealing with difficult behaviors (i.e. refusing to follow COVID health regulations)
  • learn adapt to different communication styles
  • develop active and empathetic listening skills and utilize different tools to interact with upset customers
  • choose appropriate and respectful language
  • learn how to be proactive about your new/COVID19 policies and expectations
  • learn how to de-escalate situations ASAP
  • utilize different techniques to work through service issues
  • practice self-care and manage service stress
  • support colleagues with present challenges

Course Benefits

  • gain the practical tools you need to manage challenging customer conversations and complaints more effectively, with less damage to the relationship;
  • minimize unnecessary escalation of disputes;
  • minimize further financial losses by improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and company image;
  • turn difficult front-line conversations into productive exchanges;
  • showcase the image of your organization as respectful and responsive to clients, while getting results that are fair to you.

Course Features

  • theory, practice, group discussion, and activities ensure that learning objectives are met

Target Audience

  • new and/or current supervisors/managers as well as frontline staff would benefit from this course

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