Effective Meetings

Duration 1 Day

Program Overview
Meetings are an integral part of any organization. With the fast-pace and over busyness that currently exists in most if not all organizations, it is recognized that making the most of the time spent in meetings is essential. This course is designed to offer participants important skills and techniques in order to make meetings in their workplace more effective.

No matter what position the participant occupies within their respective organization, this Effective Meetings course provides strategies and hands-on practice that can assist all participants in a meeting to become a productive and active contributor. The most productive meetings are those in which each participant is meaningfully engaged.

Course Objectives

  • Identify components of an efficient and meaningful meeting.
  • Learn why pre-meeting preparations are important.
  • Understand how to plan an effective meeting using action-oriented agendas.
  • Utilize standard roles and tools to ensure participation by all attendees all the while manage meeting time, and improve meeting discipline.
  • Learn how to run and finalize a meeting.
  • Identify and avoid meeting problems in advance.
  • Identify post-meeting activities.
  • Ensure accountability and results through effective follow-up procedures.

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