Essential Listening Skills

Duration 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the difference between Active vs. Passive (or pretend) listening.
  • Become aware of Organizational Justice – what can happen if you don`t listen.
  • Practice active listening through the use of paraphrases, reflections and summaries.
  • Harness the power of open questions.
  • Adeptly avoid the “Dirty Dozen” communication spoilers.
  • Realize that listening well can eliminate workplace and personal conflict.

Course Benefits

Participants will gain an advantage in both personal and professional relationships. The great secret of connecting with people is not finding the perfect thing to say. It`s finding a way to let the other person know that you are really listening to them.

Most people do not listen closely, and are instead just waiting for their turn to talk. If you want your ideas heard and taken seriously, you must first pay attention to the ideas of others. The listening revolution has just begun. Will you gain the early advantage?

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