Fatigue & Safety in the Workplace

Duration: 1 Day Workshop

Learning Objectives

  • What is fatigue and related concepts (i.e. fatigue risk, factors that contribute to fatigue and the times of the day that fatigue is at its peak).
  • The causes, consequences and costs of fatigue.
  • The effects of fatigue on safety, performance, efficiency and individual health.
  • The individual, organizational and environmental causes of fatigue.
  • What is sleep and related concepts (i.e. consequences of sleep deprivation, circadian rhythm).
  • The positive, negative, and overall individual consequences of shift work and other forms of non-traditional hours of work (impact on the individual).
  • What are high, intermediate, and low glycemic index foods and their impacts on alertness.
  • The importance of water consumption and why being hydrated is critical for alertness.
  • The effects of caffeine and alcohol on personal alertness.
  • The various positive lifestyle choices individuals can choose from in order to promote the effective long-term management of fatigue and overall wellness (physical exercise, well-being, prevention).

Course Benefits

  • Be able to recognize the signs of fatigue in themselves and others, and take appropriate action to manage their own fatigue.
  • Gain competence in monitoring potential causes of fatigue and devise action plans to minimize their effects.
  • Enhance their competence in identifying personal warning signs of fatigue and appropriate counter-measures to ensure that effective work/shift capability and alertness are maintained.
  • Appreciate the individual differences that influence the capacity to adapt to shift work and other non-traditional hours of work. Grasp ways of establishing a sleeping environment that can promote individual sleep.
  • Gain confidence in communicating and sharing personal fatigue management strategies with colleagues at all levels of the organization.
  • Determine whether individuals are drinking enough water daily to stay hydrated and alert.
  • Appreciate the value of adopting healthy and effective practices to manage fatigue as it relates to their work and life balance.

Target Audience
Front line staff and other key personnel would benefit from this course.

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