Effectively Managing Generation X&Y Employees

This is a 1 day workshop.

Learning Objectives

  • Who are they/the basics.
  • The under 30 workforce: high-maintenance, high-performance.
  • Comprehending and appreciating a generation that prefers virtual problem-solving and decision-making.
  • How generations X and Y employees deal with and manage change.
  • Other particulars about X and Y (X- highly creative, productive and independent; Y- addiction to change, constantly questioning and challenging others at all levels; what motivates generations X and Y).
  • Bridging generational gaps/generations working more collaboratively.
  • The generation clash: how to minimize the conflict (6 steps).
  • The common trait.
  • Five important steps for employers/organizations.
  • How to successfully manage the mixture of ages: cross-generational techniques.
  • How leadership from different ages can work well together.
  • Five recommendations to keep your workplace and leadership brand aligned with the needs of three or four very different groups of workers.
  • The golden and platinum rule.
  • Creating an appealing environment: Promoting creativity and independent thinking.
  • Benefits that align with generation X and Y values.
  • Adjusting and evolving your management style, your work environment.
  • Motivation
  • The impact of generations X and Y on today‚Äôs workplace.
  • The rising rift between generation X and Y.
  • On-going education.
  • Relevant resources.

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