Lean Practitioner through Zoom

This Lean Practitioner training is ideal for those wanting to implement or understand Lean. It is available to all levels and can be applied to any industry sector. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience of Lean to take this course. Participants receiving this certification will be able to identify and eliminate obstacles in their work; Increase departmental performance by using the Lean improvement techniques, and together with a team, offer quick and effective solutions to process issues within their department or organization.

Our 2-day Lean Practitioner training is designed to provide a thorough knowledge based in the Lean methodology. Through practical examples and hands-on simulations, participants will learn how to facilitate improvement sessions with a team and to carry out improvement projects using Lean techniques.

This training entitles OACETT members to earn requirements for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Content Overview

  • Lean Principles:
    • Overview and Lean Principles
    • Lean Process Improvement
  • Identifying Obstacles:
    • The 8 Wastes and Waste Walk
    • Process Mapping Techniques
    • Metrics
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Spaghetti Diagram
    • Communication Circle
  • Eliminate Obstacles:
    • Standard Work
    • 5S & Visual Management
    • Error Proofing
  • Lean Management:
    • Just Do it Projects
    • A3 Problem Solving
    • Kanban and Project Management
    • Rapid Improvement Events

Register Online

For more information, please contact training@northern.on.ca or 705-235-3211 x2174