M2 Exit – MTO Approved Motorcycle Training Program

This course includes both classroom and road test. Participants are required to be in possession of their M2 licence for at least 18 months, if the M1 Exit course was completed with Northern College. If the M2 licence was obtained at the Ministry of Transportation, participants must be in possession of the M2 licence for at least 22 months. Upon successful completion of the course and road test (all instructional hours and 20 kilometer test in traffic) participants will be directed to the DriveTest Centre to receive their M Licence which may provide an insurance discount (check with your insurance provider).

Participants must bring:

  • Participants must provide a motorcycle for the course
  • A CSA or DOT approved helmet (full face recommended)
  • A long sleeved jacket (eg. Leather, denim or work jacket)
  • Long pants (preferably leather or denim)
  • Low-heeled tough boots that cover the ankle (eg. hiking boots)
  • Tough leather gloves that completely cover the finger tips to wrist (no skin exposure)

Important Information

  • Participants must be in attendance for all scheduled training hours.
  • Students must hold a current M2 licence and provide their own motorcycle.
  • This training will take place rain or shine. Please check your local weather forecast and dress accordingly.
  • All participants will be required to sign a waiver prior (or first night) to taking the course. If you have physical risks that limit you, or you are not comfortable signing this waiver we cannot allow you to continue with the course and no refund will be issued. The M2 Exit course includes both classroom and a road test.

Participants must be 16 years of age and have their M2 licence prior to attending the course.

The College requires copies of your driver’s licence, front and back no later than one week before the course starts. Should the requested document not be provided, participants will not be able to attend the training and no refund will be issued.

When attending the course, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure their M2 licence is valid. Should it be expired, the student shall not be permitted to attend the training and this will be considered a late cancellation with no refund.

For more information please contact 705-235-7231 or training@northern.on.ca.